Vacations for Free Volunteer Hours on Horse Ranch
Providing Windows of Opportunities to Help Improve and Secure Our Quality of LIFE
A Better Choice Learning Park, Critter Park Phasing into
Primitive History Park - Horse Ranch - With Trails and
Taking Care of People Ministries

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We have 3 dwellings for our guests on our Horse Ranch
Meeting Room, Business Office and
 Comming as soon as we have volunteers to help us...
Our Main Street Learning Cafe and Cabaret

Volunteer Vacations

You can volunteer for a free vacation for Free Volunteer Hours on Horse Ranch

See The Learning Park Slide Show
We offer LODGING and FUN 
@ The Learning Park Horse Ranch RSVP by
Phone or Email:  RSVP@

Retreats, Lodging, Weddings: Call: 877 Luray Getaway
Wellness Lodging on the Ranch Rustic style for Groups, individuals, business,
Schedule your family reunion, business meeting, wedding,  Retreats

Plan your next event for your family or group with custom activities, workshops, programs available
at the Taking Care of People - Wellness Horse Ranch
Guest Lodging @ The Blue House, Wellness House and The  "Old Ice House"
Indoor - Outdoor Hot Tubs, Heated Pool, Summer Pool, Mud Bathing Fun, Hours of Trails, and Lots of FUN!!!
Business Office and Meeting Room Facility On the Ranch.

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Calendar of Events - Workshops and Activities

Visit Our Virtual Learning Park

We train horses and puppies for Wellness Companionship for minimum donations that help to support the Learning Park Ministries
See Shih Tzu Puppies and mature pets - trained as Wow Pals© -

A Free Gift For You

  Taking Care of People Ministries
Kaufmann Foundation
A Better Choice - Taking Care of People

@ Critter Primitive History Learning Park
"Getting Back To Basics"

100 % of all Proceeds of all purchases and 
Donations goes to Taking Care of People and
Taking Care of Critters
at the Taking Care of People Critter -
Primitive History Learning Park

AKA Kaufmann Foundation
Taking Care of  Ministries
Founded on 31 acres on Natural Habitat Protected Horse, Tree Critter farm in
Luray, VA 2 hours SW of Wash DC
P O Box 669 - 4 Learning Park Road - Luray, VA  22835 - Taking Care of

Email us
Live With us or Visit Us Email For More Information
Meet The Founders of Taking Care of People Ministries

If You're Living To Learn - meet others

Shih Tzu Nursery

Horse Talk

Visit Critter Park for Weekend getaway, Week vacation

, Business Meetings, Family Renunions and Weddings

Located in VA Shenandoah Valley, Serving Communities Nationally and Internationally
With Environmentally Protected Clean - Green - Community Development and Taking Care of People Ministries

Individual and Group Reservations visit
Email us or Call 540 743-Wellness  800 750 9110

Gardens, Recreation, Nature, Walking, Golf cart and Horse Trails

Won't You Join Us To Spread The Taking Care of People Community Development
Work In The VA Shenandoah Valley and Communities Nationally and Internationally?

Virtual Learning Park
LIFE Planners Programs - courses, education certification,

So Many Fun and Educational Programs available at the Taking Care of People Farm
Seminars, Retreats and Workshops for
Individuals, Pastors, Churches, Families and Businesses

Retirement Questions about The IRS, Taxes, Downsizing, Caring for Parents, Eldership Living
Bonnie L. Kaufmann Christian Counselor
1996 Founder, Taking Care of
1990 - Financial - Estate Planning Practitioner, Asset Protection Consultant
1975 - Builder and Developer - 1984 Warren County Federal Programs Administrator and a Lay Christian Counselor


LIFE Planners Advocate,
Solar Home Community Development Training Program,
How To Build Your Own Home and Make Money Tax Free

Many Books and Videos and Online Education Programs

Be Our Guest Or Live At The Growing Taking Care of People Farm In Luray

Looking for A Place To Get Away -
Visit Us or Maybe Stay

Email for more info

Not by Might, Not By Power, But By His Spirit!
Many Are Called - But Few Are Chosen

Is Your Future Calling You To The Farm for Sharing, Teaching and Ministering
Taking Care of People community development work with Prayer, Hands On Support and Solutions!

Live on the Farm or Join us and Spend Time Sharing, Teaching or Learning About: Horse Ownership - Care - Training,
Emotional and Mental Wellness, Men's and Women's Renaissance Heritage Organization, Healing from Abuse,
Christian Counseling, Marriage Retreats and Christian Counseling, Hospice Family Services,  D&AA Rehab Family Support,
Financial and Stress and Life Management, Business and Community Team Building Programs, Social Re Entry Rehabilitation,
Children's Programs, Primitive History Experiences, The 40 Days Walking With Jesus Program, Ridding Stress and
Gaining Restoration Day by Day, Providing Grieving Support,   A Better Choice Lifestyle
Body and Wellness, Family Communication and Healing, Single Parenting, Grand - Parenting,
 How To Reach Your Goals Workshops and Retreats, How To Build Sustainable Housing and
Improve Your Health and Wealth With Quality Green Solar Building Techniques.

Honey Welcomes You and Guarantees You'll Laugh
and Get a Kick In Your Stirrups!

Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Donations Greatly Appreciated and 100 %
Goes To Taking Care of  People
Green Clean Solar Community Development
Charitable Gifts for all programs appreciated and gifts of any kind including:
Your Prayers, Time, Input, Muscles on the Farm, Encouragement by emails -
 Farm property, Heavy Equipment, Land. Used Autos, Boats, Planes. Building Materials,
Homes, Gems for Water Wells and other Donations Greatly appreciated for the
Growth and spreading of the Taking Care of people Ministries.

Land gifts are especially needed for Eldership Living - Clean Green Community Development for Low Impact Solar
Self Sustainable Secure Wellness Living for Elderly, Handicapped, Traditional Family and
Special Needs Community Development, in The Shenandoah Valley, Nationally and Internationally.

Visit Taking Care of People Park With Programs

Won't You Join Us To Help Spread Our "Getting Back To Basics"
work In VA, Across the US and Internationally

It's a Community and Family Affair - Taking Care of People

Quiet Time Links

Family Time

Family Funds

USA Luray Critter - Primitive History
and  Learning Park

See whats happening as we grow into Phase III


24 Hour Prayer Hotline Leave Your Confidential
Prayer Request @ 540 743 9793

Natural Wellness Products for you,
your family and your pets

Voted Best Dog for Seniors and Family Companionship,
Cleanliness, Temperament, Protection by Petco Groomer

Traditional Primitive Outdoor Leadership Skills

How to build a Tee Pee

Tips on Buying and Building Your Own Home

Sustainable Housing

Straw Bale Houses

  House Plans
More Cool House Plans

Learn about the Earliest Americans

Guide to Basics for Energy Development - Dept. of Energy

Our Free Gift To You from our Sponsors

Page County Conservation Map

LIFE Planners and
Living To Learn
We have had great vandalism on our farm property, computer network and server -
and the commonwealth attorney along with our local authorities for our community have not been able to help us.
These matters are under criminal investigation.
We appreciate your patience....
we're looking for better protection with elections forthcoming.
Thank you for your patience!

Horse Talk


AKC Shih Tzu Puppy Therapy Nursery

Living To

Taking Care of People Services

Wireless Internet Learning Park

Sign Up for Wireless Internet  On Main Street In Luray

and Virtual Desk Top Computer anywhere in the World

Living To Learn Brochure

Welcome To Our Learning Park
Newsletter - Eldership Living Project

Earthship Homes Built on lots available soon
10,000 sq. ft low or no maintenance Dwelling Lots for sale -
You can live with us on our 31 acres of primitive farm land with horses,
The Old Ice House, Indian Village Meadows with
wild flowers and Wetlands, Forests,
Streams, Geese, rabbits and all the wildlife at and our
Frontier Town and  Primitive History Park - so you can
Live with Nature and Experience "
Iyuptala" Oness. 
Discover live and experience how to get back to basics with elders and youth living and building
as we live and learn together the real history of America and Get Back To Basics.

 2 hours SW of Washington DC.

Taking Care of is a not for profit organization - that takes donations as reservations and pet sales as well as gifts for the development of the many programs and projects with Taking Care of People Ministries. ( 541777043)

Reservations  Deposits and  Donations to Taking Care of

Classes  -  Retreats - Horse Trail Rides - Tour Packages - Weekend Visits - Week Stay - Hiking Trips - Horse Hiking Trips -

Survival Weekend -  Evening Under the Stars - Cow Boy Fireside Sing Along -  Tee Pee Visits - luxury Campfire Dinners -
Outdoor Barbecue Rendezvous Trading Day - Coming soon - USA Luray Cabaret Dinner Show
Outfitters Whoa Down Dancing  -  Campfire Pow Wows -
Americana History Outfitters for the day, week or total makeover from Hat to Heels.

Special Package: Americana Primitive History
Getaway Hideaway Wellness Makeover and Frontier Outfitting

Learn how to live off the land and Getting Back to Basics

Frontier Town Building Lots now being developed for
Dwellings for sale at USA Luray New Frontiers Learning Park

To inquire: email

Pre American and American History That Will Surprise You

Lodging and training Programs available also at our
Taking Care of People New Frontiers Park
We have lodging and soon homes and year round
Programs for visitors from all over the world.
We also build construction teams from people
from all parts of the US to help
Taking Care of People Construction Needs Throughout the US
to build other New Frontiers Parks

Taking Care of People 24/7 Live
Radio Station Coming Soon

Providing a window of opportunities to
protect and improve our quality of life and
Helping People Make Better Choices In Life

New Puppy Arrivals Trained for Special People for Special Needs
Helping to Support the Learning Park

Wellness Program Daily and Weekly House Reservations     
Serenity Old Daily and Weekly
Program Ice House Reservations

  Our Friends and Volunteers

Taking Care of People Construction Projects

<>    Critter Park   ABC Campus Learning Center

Out Back Learning Center Projects

Wellness Center offers many programs retreats for marriage couples, singles and church groups

Volunteers Needed

Legal - Financial - TaKing Care of Business and Asset Protection, Senior Survival Workshops

Email Contact

Free Public Computer Workshops

ShihTzu For Seniors and Special Families

Supporters  and Sponsors
ABC LAW   TKB Inc.  Luray Handyman

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Purchases, Donations, Reservation Deposits or Payments

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Horse Talk
Equine Products
Virtual Computer and Services | Books and Video Store | Calendar of Events
  Learning Center | Live Workshops | Video and Audio Programs
Living to learn | ABC Learning Park | Critter ParkABC Lifestyles | Professional Learning Park | Public Learning Park

Sponsors: Estate Planning Institute | CEPP Professionals |   ABC LAW and LIFE Planners Inc.

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LIFE Planners is a not for profit organization that helps people learn more about how to make A Better Choice
when it comes to important decisions in life. Including Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Estate and
Elder Law issues - but more importantly how to improve and protect their quality of LIFE and
getting back to basics of taking care of each other.
The Learning Park is located in Luray, VA - at the foot hills of
Blue Ridge Mountains 2 hours
SW of Washington DC.
Lodging is available for individuals, families and
business get aways, conferences,
meetings and special events.

For more information visit  ABC Learning Park - Critter Park
email us. or call 800 750 9110

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Providing windows of Opportunities for Taking Care of People In Our Communities, Our Nation and Internationally  -

To Protect and Improve our Religious Rights and Freedom to Practice Our Walking - Talking Personal Relationship with
God Outwardly, Our quality of life with Stewardship towards each other,
Our Churches, Our Elders, our Children, our Community and Our Beautiful Natural Environment.

Getting Back to Basics and Taking Care of His people, His Critters, and His Earth
That We Have Been Given Authority To Take Dominion Over and Care For
For His Glory For His People In Peace and In The Name of Jesus..

Seeking God In All Matters For Doing the His Will  -  Based on the
Oldest Book of Instruction With The Ten Commandments, Wisdom and Guidance Based On
The Word of God and The Leading of The Holy Spirit.

Trusting and Abiding In Him With Obedience To The Inspired Truth - Word of God,
Growing Our Relationship With The Father, Jesus His Son Born of The Holy Spirit.
Growing, Trusting, Walking and Talking With God Through The Holy Spirit Daily For Absolute Guidance,
Truth And Leading by The Spirit of Truth For Eternity Works Inspired By God- On This Earth Until We Are United Again
When Jesus Brings Us As His Bride On The New Earth With Jesus That We Are Engaged To  For
The Wedding Feast and Celebration With Our Lord -  Trusting an Abiding Until then -

To Continue Living With Him Engaged On This Earth Preparing and Working For Him To Glorify Him
As His Bride Till We Celebrate Our Wedding Feast In The new Jerusalem With Him As King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Founders of Kaufmann
A Better Choice Learning
Taking Care of

Stephen J. Kaufmann 800 743 6077J
Stephen J. Kaufmann,  JD, Elder Law Attorney, Author and Ordained Minister


Bonnie L French Kaufmann
Bonnie L. French Kaufmann,

Kaufmann Foundation
Providing windows of opportunities to
protect and improve our quality of life

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